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Whether you are an individual/sole proprietor needing a Tax ID Number because you have employees, are an LLC, Corporation, or filing for an Estate or Trust, the paperwork can be overwhelming. We have simplified the Tax ID filing process and work with the IRS on your behalf to assure a fast and easy Tax ID application process.

Once you complete our 5-Minute simplified application, our agents will review the information for errors and submit the application. If there are any errors or ommisions, we will work with y ou to make sure your application is complete. If for any reason your application is denied, we will work directly with the IRS to make sure your application is processed and approved as soon as possible. When your Tax ID is issued, we will send it to you in an email and also mail you a hard copy of your official SS-4 Form.

At anytime you can log into our system to see the status of your application or retrieve your Tax ID Number. Our customer service specialists are also available to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

Some of the benefits you receive when using our Tax ID Assistance Service

Fast & Accurate Filing

Our simplified application form takes only 5-minutes to complete and helps reduce errors with easy instructions.

Courteous Customer Service

Our courteous customer service staff is highly trained and ready to assist you with any questions at anytime.

Safe & Secure

Our website and servers are state-of-the-art SSL secured with industry standard protocols for high security.

Lost EIN Retrieval

Retrieving your Tax ID Number is easy with our Lost Tax ID Retrieval system. Log in to our secure system and retrieve your Tax ID 24/7.

Phone Support

The phone support staff is here to assist you and to answer any questions.

Standard Service

$ 257

  • Professionally handled Tax ID Application
  • Phone support
  • A hard copy of your SS-4
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Rush Service

$ 287

  • Professionally handled Tax ID Application
  • Phone support
  • A hard copy of your SS-4
  • One hour service
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